Homework & Reporting


We believe that homework is of value because it:

  • provides reinforcement of and consolidates the work done at school.
  • keeps parents in touch with what their children are doing at school.
  • gives children some regular responsibility.

Homework need not be onerous to be effective and parents may be required to assist by supervising homework. Should any problem arise with homework - and this is quite possible - then contact with the teacher explaining the problem can usually lead to a speedy solution.

The homework grid is how our homework is implemented across Year Levels 1 - 6. Further information regarding the Homework Grid is explained at our Parent Information Sessions held early Term 1.


Our evaluation program in the school is comprehensive with continuous evaluation being conducted by the class teacher.

You are always welcome to come to school at a mutually convenient time to discuss your child's progress. Teachers are happy to have a quick informal chat before or after school if you come in but they also have supervision duties, staff meetings etc. so to avoid disappointment do make an appointment if you wish to have a longer discussion.

There are also more formal procedures in place for discussing your child's progress. Teachers will deliver an Information Session early in Term One to outline work to be covered during the year.

You will receive written reports of your child's progress at the end of each semester and will have a formal interview at the end of Term 1 and 3.