School Lunches

Healthy Food Lunches:

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School encourages our students to eat healthy and nutritious food. We encourage food that is easy to open and eat. All classrooms are equipped with a refrigerator to ensure that food is kept cool and fresh.

Make sure that your child has a wholesome breakfast - otherwise we find them feeling very hungry before recess.

Breakfast Club:

Toast is served at the MPC kitchen window each morning between 8:20 and 8:30am. This is available to all students. Our Year 6 Leaders and parents assist with breakfast club.

Brain Break:

Children are encouraged to have a ‘brain break’ in the morning session. Suitable foods include fresh fruit or vegetables, dried fruit, yoghurt or cheese. All other types of food should be kept for lunch breaks. Please note that juice is not allowed at this time.


It is quite acceptable for your child to bring a bottle of water into the classroom. There are refrigerated water taps situated near the classrooms.


The tuckshop operates every Friday, a menu is available under the tuckshop tab on our school website. Students are to drop their bags/orders to the tuckshop Friday morning before Assembly. 

Tuckshop can be ordered in the following ways:

Quickcliq – online orders close at 7:45am Fridays

Send money and either a reusable tuckshop bag / brown paper bag / envelope with the following details:

- Students name

- Year level

- Break (ie. first lunch / second lunch)

- Order details