School Routine

Before School:

Parents are requested that children do not arrive at school prior to 8am on any day. Between 8:00am and 8:15am there are no teachers on duty and the school assumes no responsibility for the children. Our classrooms open at 8:15am for students to unpack their bags. From 8:20am a teacher is rostered on duty in the MPC and we encourage students to play before the first bell. If arriving between 8:00am and 8:15am children must sit on the stage area outside Prep- no games are allowed. Permission must be sought by the school principal for a child to be at school prior to 8:00am and they will be asked to sit in the school office until directed to go to their classroom.

Late Arrival:

Children are expected to be at school, ready to begin the day by 8:35am (the first morning bell). Should your child/ren arrive late to school they will need to report to the office with the person responsible for dropping them off. Administration staff will issue the child with a late arrival slip, which will need to be presented to the classroom teacher.

Leaving During School Time:

Children who need to leave during the day for appointments must present themselves to the school office at the designated time to be signed out by the person collecting them. If returning to school, the child must be presented at the office once again and signed in before returning to class.

At the End of the School Day:

Our end of day bell is at 3pm. Children being collected by car should wait at the entrance of the Multipurpose Centre where parents may use the pickup loop which they enter from Currawong Street. Parents may also park their car in the Sandpiper Street car park and come into the school to collect their child who will be supervised in the waiting area. These are the only supervised areas for the children to wait to be picked up. Children should be collected by 3:10pm.

Children walking home from school must exit the school through the Eagle Street entrance. Bikes are to enter and exit the school grounds through the Eagle Street gate. When entering or leaving the school grounds, bikes must be walked to the racks or to the gate.  Children should have left the grounds by 3:10pm.

Children on buses should report immediately to the Bus Area which is located at the Eagle Street entrance to the school. A teacher supervises the bus area each afternoon.


School Parades are held on Mondays at 8:40am at which time sporting and cultural achievements are acknowledged. Parents are welcome to attend.

Weekly assemblies are held each Friday at 8.40am where classes give a short presentation of work being covered, birthdays are acknowledged and Student Awards are distributed. Parents are encouraged to attend these assemblies.


School arrival time. Children are not to arrive at school before 8:00am on any day as there is no supervision until that time. A teacher is rostered on duty from 8:20am until the bell to go into class.


Bell to begin school. Children should attend toilet, wash hands and line up inside the multi-purpose centre (MPC)


Session 1


Fruit break all classes (7 minutes)




Session 2


Afternoon Tea


Session 3


Final Bell