Our Catholic Identity

Our Charism

What gives life meaning to you, inspires you to keep on living, makes life worthwhile for you? What gives you that fire to get up every morning or even at night when you don't want to but need to? What gives you the motivation to do the little things and face the big things in life? That is what a charism is, a gift from God that enables us to make sense out of life and motivates us to live life fully.

A charism touches the very core of our existence and colours everything that we do as human beings. It allows us to see things in new ways, and to understand them even more wonderfully. We absorb a charism as we absorb sunshine, and we radiate a charism as a light pierces the darkness.

Pope Paul VI was the first to label "charism" specifically in relation to religious institutes. He explained that the charism of the religious life is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, who is always at work within the Church.

In a religious congregation, the charism is spoken of as a gift to the founder or founders, "their own particular way of understanding and concretising the following of Jesus in the People of God."  It is described as a mysterious energy and passion which inspires the founders to show a new face of God to the world. 

Our Charism

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School follows the mission of Jesus as lived by Venerable Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters, the congregation she founded. 

The Presentation charism may be summarised as:

  • Passion for those made poor and for changing the structures of society that made and kept people poor
  • Zeal – doing “all in her power” to change the way things were for those made poor
  • Courage
  • Trust in Divine Providence.

Our five pillars, which are drawn from our Presentation charism, underpin all we do and how we approach life in our school:

Compassion | Hospitality | Simplicity |Courage | Justice

Mission Statement

We, the community of Our Lady's Catholic Primary School strive to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the world by walking His way, telling His truth and living His life.

School Motto

"Light Tomorrow with Today"

School Prayer

Light tomorrow with today

Let Jesus be our way

Our truth and our life

When things are going well

And in times of strife

With the help of Nano Nagle

And Mary everyday,

Let us be the Spirit of Jesus

And light tomorrow with today.

Nano Nagle pray for us

St Joseph pray for us

Our Lady pray for us



Celebrating our faith is an important component of school life. Our students experience class and school celebrations in a variety of ways and settings. Parents, friends and members of the Parish are always invited and welcome to attend these special occasions:

  • school Masses are celebrated regularly each term
  • parish Masses are held in the Bush Chapel at School once in each term
  • class prayer is a regular feature of each classroom
  • liturgies are prepared and led by individual classes throughout each term


In Catholic schools children are gradually taught a deeper understanding of the sacraments through our Religious Education program. However the preparation of students and families to celebrate these sacraments occurs within the Parish community. Programs to prepare children are family based with support from the parish sacramental team.